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batnwolf the bitch queen's Journal
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in batnwolf the bitch queen's LiveJournal:

Friday, February 21st, 2003
8:55 pm
Went to join a small group of people tonight...kind of a gathering for peace. We sat there and lit candles and talked. There really is nothing much that I can do to stop the killing in the world but I"d like to think that if just a few people sat and lit candles and talked...maybe it could make a difference. The group was very very small and it was very very cold but I'm going to keep doing it and hope for the best. Next time I'm bringing a blanket!
I think the zoloft might be helping a little but it really is too soon to tell. Something is better.
I found a beautiful little plushy bat at the second hand store yesterday. Lucky me.
Monday, February 10th, 2003
11:28 pm
Second entry in one month...whooaah...I really must be sick! Actually, I am doing a little better. This was my first day back at work and I managed to go the distance. Not too bad for a wounded puppy. I am definately not road kill yet!
Sunday, February 2nd, 2003
1:55 pm
Finally...I am writing in my Livejournal. It certainly took me long enough. This is a good sign. Just a few days ago I was too depressed to even try. When we left FC on Monday I was completely out of control on a crying jag that lasted most of the 7+ hours home (poor Wolfy). Now that I have had some time to think about what happened during the con I really did have some great times. When we first arrived I got to work along side my Wolfy gophering and moving stuff about. It felt so good that I quickl y signed up as a gopher. I finally got to get hugs and photos with Terraluna and I acquired a BEAUTIFUL little bat puppet. At night I had wonderful conversations with my roomies. In fact, I had many great talks and walks and even came home with a few very lovely prints and photos! After I got back I even had some photos of Dog-of-War and others in my email. Yes...all in all, it was a pretty good con. So why was I so upset and sad so many times, especially at the end? I don't know but I'm workin g on it. ¿
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